Everyone has a story...let us help you discover yours.

What Reiso Offers

Reiso Resources, LLC offers a variety of service to you the client in your pursuit of joy and fulfillment.  What sets us apart is our dedication to the client by offering high quality sessions at a fraction of the cost.  

What makes us unique...
     - Varied Education & Experience          - Inviting Atmosphere
     - Team Dynamic                                    - Eclectic Approach
     - Creative Techniques                            - Financial Flexibility
     - Daytime & Evening Availability          - Non-Judgemental

    Who do we serve...
- Couples           - Children
- Individuals      - Adolescents
- Families          

Reiso provides service in FOUR major categories:

Life Coaching Sessions- These safe and confidential sessions are intended to empower you, the client, and cause you to grow and develop your relationships and character, abilities, talents, and gifts.  These sessions are powerful and life changing.  After your first session you will be aware that someone understands your situation and can help!  

Marital and Family Sessions- Most marriages go through highs and lows.  Many things can cause these lows, some being loss of a child, infidelity, difficult family members, or the spouses butting heads.  This friction can affect children who many be involved.  Reiso has a success rate of over 90% of couples staying together and reporting a medium to high increase of satisfaction in their relationship.

Growth/Support Groups- A small number of clients and/or couples that are struggling with similar circumstances meet as a group.  These groups are purposeful in four major areas; you are not alone, accountability, strength in numbers and victory.  We are working towards developing curriculum for additional group offerings.

Workshops, Conferences & Seminars- Reiso Resources has such talented and gifted speakers.  All of our life coaches have had many years of experience in speaking to crowds.  With the likes of this collection of experiences and education we can inspire, motivate and inform in a vast array of topics. 

Dr. Ryan Osier- Marriages, Theology, Christianity Topics, Parenting, Communication, Grief/Loss, Forgiveness, What Love Is

Dr. Luann Brodbeck- Financial/Retirement, Career Paths/Decisions, Leadership, Care and Management of the Elderly

Mrs. Stephanie Speck LPCC- Anxiety, Depression, Parenting, ADHD, Trauma

Author Mrs. Barbara Roose- Important Women's Issues, Leadership, Fashion, Advertising, Christianity Topics

Pastor Edward Grable- Mens Issues, Marriages, Military Life, Ministry, Accountability, Christianity Topics

Mrs. Missy Osier- Disabilities, Autism, Reading Specialist 

Mrs. Stephanie Seman- Wellness, Fitness, Health, Workout Classes, Nutrition 

Reiso as a whole has
2 Doctorate degrees
4 Master degrees
8 Bachelor degrees
2 Theology degrees
4 Pastors
2 Veterans with over 15 years of experience
2 Authors
2 Counselors
1 Professor
1 Teacher
1 Health/Fitness Instructor
>40 years of ministry experience
>60 years of biblical and or clinical counseling/life coaching experience

Reiso's life coaches are available individually or as a collective group.  We are equipped to handle all styles of speaking engagements from presenters to panel discussions.  Call today to get rates and topics.  419-320-5586


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